Covid-19 Lockdown Live Update: Now, Madhya Pradesh Declare Weekend Lockdown

India, along with the world, is going through a new strain of Covid19 pandemic. The situation has become out of control in many states, especially in Maharashtra. Several states Chief Minister’s are considering imposing a lockdown to save people’s life from Coronavirus. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to lead a meeting with chief ministers/administrators of every states/UT to converse about preventing the continuing Covid-19 crisis in India. This will be a virtual meeting. Two days before, Union Health Minister Harshvardhan discussed with the chief minister/Administrator of 11 states/UTs affected rigorously by rising cases of Covid-19 virus.

Most states and UTs have declared restrictions and curfew to prevent the Coronavirus effect. Some of them have implemented night curfew and lockdown at the weekend. They imposed limitations on the people’s movement from others states, mainly from the hotspot or cantonment zone. As per reports, many states are going through a scarcity of beds in hospitals and vaccination. The growing cases of Coronavirus have worsened the situation in India. 100,000 covid19 cases have been reported, and India is in 2nd spot after the United States facing uncontrollable Coronavirus infections.

Lethal covid19 infections breakout is making the condition hazardous, the demand for vaccination has become vocal. Most states and UTS chief administrators and health experts have requested the Central Government to allow vaccination between the ages of 18 to 45 years. That will cover maximum people for vaccination. However, now Government has approved for workplace vaccination to provide benefits to more people. Right now, people above 45 years of age are allowed to get Covid-19 vaccines.

India has witnessed a gigantic covid19 cases registered of 115,736 in 24 hours till 07th April 2021(Thursday). The overall tally of cases has become 12,801,785, as per the Ministry of home affairs. The active cases have surpassed the 8, 00,000 tally and now recorded 843,779. India has become the 4th most horrible country in terms of active cases.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi got his second Covid-19 vaccine dose on 07th April 2021(Thursday). He appeals to eligible people to take vaccination to combat the virus. PM Modi Tweeted after taking the vaccine “Got my second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at AIIMS today. Vaccination is among the few ways we have to defeat the virus. If you are eligible for the vaccine, get your shot soon. Register on,” moreover Maharashtra is the most lethal states where outburst of the virus has uncontrolled. The Maharashtra government has forced night curfew and weekend lockdowns to rein the virus.

Madhya Pradesh has declared numerous covid19 restrictions. Chhattisgarh declared 10- day lockdown in the capital city Raipur. Uttar Pradesh will impose a Night curfew in major cities such as and Kanpur Lucknow, Varanasi from today onwards.

After India has reached the new mark of Coronavirus cases in a single day, most states have imposed new restrictions to prevent the transmission of the Covid-19 virus. Stay with Edu Talk India to get the latest updates on Coronavirus.