IIT Kanpur Team Develops Touch-Sensitive Watch for Visually Challenged People

IIT Kanpur Professor and research scholar has developed a touch sensitive watch for visually challenged people. This touch sensitive watch is useful for visually disabled people to sense time correctly.

We develop a haptic watch that has a strategic interface making it effortless for the visually challenged individual to recognize time easily. This watch consists of tangible hour pointers of a variety of shapes which makes it easy for visually challenge people to sensor time,” quoted by professor Siddhartha Panda who made it with Vishwaraj Srivastava, a research scholar at National Centre for Flexible Electronics, IIT Kanpur.

When the user will touch and check the touch sensitive watch’s hour pointers and various shaking formats, the watch interacts back the time details that the user can effectively recognize. By this method the user can read the time,” the professor claims. Now the institute is going to apply for a patent registration of the touch sensitive watch.

This watch also has significant privacy features because there is no requirement for sound review. One of the benefits of this haptic watch as compared to a normal match is that it doesn’t have any motorized needles and moving elements.” Professor Panda said.

The whole watch facade is one strapping palpable surface and that is why there is no tension of damaging the needles while touching the watch” he added.

However, it is not the first time that anyone has developed watches for visually challenged people. But as we have found that, the present mechanical watches are hard to operate and it is not user-centric. The visually disabled person has to touch the hours and minutes needle to sense the time. Moreover needles present in mechanical watches have always a risk of damage. There is also another alternative of audio feedback watch, but we have seen privacy breach while using audio feedback watch. Hence, we thought, we need to eliminate these demerits and make watch that is user friendly, touch sensitive and well-built watch,” Bharadwaj quoted

Presently, there are some watches available for the visually impaired. The current mechanical watches were not user-friendly. The user has to feel the needles of the hour hand and minute hand to know the time. “Also, as there are moving parts (i.e. these needles), there is a scope of breakage. Another available option is to watch with audio feedback. Again, there could be privacy issues with an audio output. So, we realized that there existed a need for a user-friendly, silent and sturdy watch.